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What are PCB Mount Servo Drives? Top 6 Benefits

Imagine being able to achieve the same amount of power output and performance from your servo powered device, at a fraction of the cost. Just as PC manufacturers have created smaller computer chips each year with faster speeds, so too has the printed circuit board (PCB) mounted servo drive been able to offer the same performance as panel mount servo drives at a fraction of the cost and size.

Rice University – Houston, TX

When done with the right tools, hands-on learning can be the best way to help students understand the given curriculum, especially in engineering fields. Since its development in 2006, the haptic paddle has become a staple element of Rice University’s Modeling Dynamic Systems course, taught by Dr. Marcia O’Malley. The haptic paddle is a simple,

New Power Level Added to the DigiFlex® Performance™ Series

A new high current, low voltage power level has been added to ADVANCED Motion Controls®’ DigiFlex® Performance™ series of servo drives! Featuring Safe Torque Off (STO) functionality and up to 100 A peak / 60 A continuous current output, the new 100B080 power level provides exceptional performance across multiple networks! Read more here…

SPS IPC Drives Show, Nuremberg, Nov 28-30 2017

We will be at the SPS IPC Drives show this November in Nuremberg Germany. Our booth location will be in Hall 1 at space 1-636. We are looking forward to having another great show and showing off the latest advances in servo drives and controls technology. Read more here…

DriveWare® 7.4 Released

New release of DriveWare®, ADVANCED Motion Controls’ drive tuning and commissioning software! Read more about the upgraded features and available downloads here.