Click&Move Automated Software Solution

Click&Move® (C&M) is an automation solution designed for OEMs and systems integrators. It can include motion control, PLC logic, local I/O, and networked I/O. Applications can be simple, single-axis with minimal I/O to complex, multi-axes running in real time. A Click&Move system will consist of both a software component used to create the logic, HMI, Click&Move Automated Software Solution

DriveLibrary Motion Control API

DriveLibrary™ is a high-level interface that delivers the full advantages of high-speed networking and distribution of control for developers of motion control solutions. The DriveLibrary™ API defines a collection of control functions that have been time-tested and proven to support the majority of motion control applications. DriveLibrary™ applications are written and developed in C++. Industries, DriveLibrary Motion Control API

Motion Engine & Embedded Motion Control

The Motion Engine is embedded motion controller functionality in all DigiFlex® Performance™ servo drives. These features provide greater flexibility by distributing motion control behaviors to the drive, offloading the HMI, PC, or PLC from calculating motion trajectories. Motion Engine features and controls are configured in DriveWare® 7 software. Indexing Create up to 16 unique Index Tasks by defining Motion Engine & Embedded Motion Control

Motion Automation Control Cards

The Motion Automation Control Cards (MACCs) are stand-alone general purpose motion/automation controllers programmed with ADVANCED Motion Controls’’ Click&Move® IDE software. As a stand-alone controller, a MACC can take the place of a PC in a control system to reduce cost. A MACC can also be configured to work in conjunction with a PC where the MACC handles Motion Automation Control Cards