Thermal Management

Heat generated by electronic devices and circuitry must be dissipated to improve reliability and prevent premature failure. Techniques for thermal management can include heat sinks, fans, modified switching schemes, and the use of improved and more-efficient components. Solutions Proper thermal management planning from the project outset prevents costly design changes and unnecessary over-temperature faults Advances Thermal Management

Ingress Protection

The word ”ingress” is the act of going in or entering. “Ingress Protection” therefore means protection from going in. Have you ever gotten your finger caught in a fan? Probably not. This is because household fans have a protective cage that prevents fingers from entering far enough to get caught by the spinning fan blade. Ingress Protection

Altitude / Depth

Servo drives can experience extremely high or low pressures depending on the application. In high altitude applications, the low pressure can cause outgassing issues or electrolyte evaporation. In high pressure applications, components can experience crushing forces that can cause damage. But motion control doesn’t just happen at sea level, so there are measures taken to Altitude / Depth

Humidity / Contamination

Humidity and contamination can cause a servo drive to malfunction by creating partial shorts between components. In some cases, a thick layer of dust may be all it takes to cause a failure. Solutions Conformal coating sprayed onto the PCB is a simple solution to protect the drive from the effects of humidity, dust, and Humidity / Contamination

Shock / Vibration

Shock and vibration can cause premature failure over time by damaging components or breaking them off. Mobile and portable applications can be especially tough on servo drives. Factory installations, military projects, and industrial environments can also have excessive vibration. Solutions Large components such as capacitors can be selected that have lower profiles to reduce the Shock / Vibration

Ambient Temperature

Servo drives are used in some very extreme conditions. Heat becomes a factor not just when the outside environment is at elevated temperatures, but also when trying to integrate into tight spaces where adequate heat sinking isn’t possible. Benefits The ability to operate at higher than normal temperatures makes it easier for designers to focus Ambient Temperature