Solved Servo Applications

Semiconductor Processing

Semiconductor device fabrication consists of several processes to create integrated circuits used everyday in electric and electronic devices. Starting from ingots and sliced into thin wafers, semi-conductive substrate is the basis for a multiple-step sequence of wafer bonding, photo lithography, nano-imprinting, chemical/mechanical processing, polishing and more during which electronic circuits are gradually created.

Motion Needs

Smooth motion, wafer handling robotic arms as well as in-process chamber door operations

Customer Requirements

    Common drive support for different loads/motors

    • Machines have separate modules
    • each with multiple axes
    • Various motors selected for each axis

    High speed network communication

    • Compatibility with network host software for multi-node support

    Exceptional reliability

    • Minimized machine downtime
    • Fast current loop response with exceptional velocity and position control

    Solutions Technology

      Any Motor

      • Any Feedback
      • Any Network!
      • ADVANCED Motion Controls' solution proposal was the best performer in all the customer requirements for feedback
      • power
      • and network communications

      Superior drive configuration and troubleshooting software

      • Adaptable tuning tools in DriveWare® for multiple motor types
      • sizes
      • and loads
      • Software had system and drive diagnostic tools built-in

      Continued engineering support

      • On-going compatibility with network host software changes
      • Enhancements made to drive hardware and firmware as customer requested

      More than a decade's production growth

      • Number of units built contiues to increase year after year