DxM™ & DxI/O™ Technology

Proprietary ADVANCED Motion Controls’ technology that allows a single EtherCAT® node to accommodate a combination of up to 4 axes of motion with 128 digital inputs, 128 digital outputs, 16 analog inputs, and 8 analog outputs. Benefit Lower cost EtherCAT solution that doesn’t compromise on performance. ADVANCED Motion Controls’ Capabilities Uses a single EtherCAT-capable PCB mount DigiFlex® Performance™ drive to DxM™ & DxI/O™ Technology


Known as “I squared C”, this is a popular chip-to-chip serial communication interface. Each slave is assigned a unique address with this synchronous serial protocol. More Information i2C operates at 400 kbps in Fast mode, 1 Mbps in Fast mode+, and 3.4 Mbps in High Speed mode ADVANCED Motion Controls’ Capabilities i2C has been implemented i<sup>2</sup>C

RS-232 Communication

“Recommended Standard 232”, more commonly known as RS-232, is an asynchronous, serial communication protocol established in 1960. Originally, it was commonly used for connections to modems, printers, mice, and other peripheral devices. Like many other serial communication interfaces, RS-232 is not capable of real-time communication like you would get with, say, EtherCAT. However, you are RS-232 Communication


Serial peripheral interface is used for high speed serial communication with one master and one or more slave device. Generally used within a single circuit board for communication between chips in an embedded system. More Information This is a popular high speed interface for micro controllers The master clock and slave select lines provide high SPI


USB is today’s standard connection to computer peripherals including keyboards, mice, digital cameras, printers, mass storage devices and network adapters. Benefit Since USB ports are available on almost all computers no extra hardware is required to configure drives over USB ADVANCED Motion Controls’ Capabilities Some DigiFlex® Performance™ drives can be configured over USB and the number USB