Click&Move® collects several aspects of motion control, real-time computation, and human interface into a single application. HMIs built in Click&Move are completely customizable. An HMI screen can be as simple as a start/stop button with a drive status read-out. Alternatively, it can be a full operational control screen where users can input commands, enable and disable individual servo drives, display system information, adjust parameters, and even display a dynamic graphical representation of the motion system that updates in real time. As long as the values can be pulled from the function block diagram, the HMI can display any data the user chooses. The editor comes with built in templates for buttons, fields and other elements, so its easy for users to get started. Users can even embed images and change colors and sizes of elements to make their HMI look exactly how they want.

  • The Function Block Diagram (Eagle) handles the motion
  • PLC functions and I/O behavior
  • A real-time shell handles communication from the compiled motion program to the fieldbus and HMI (EtherCAT Master stack is embedded in the shell)
  • Virtual axis or real axes are selected based on an XML file configuration in the project
  • The HMI displays live information
  • and alters variables during real-time operation