Servo Drives Overview

Our core business at ADVANCED Motion Controls is designing and manufacturing servo drives. We make a wide variety of models that work with any motor, any controller, any feedback, any network any industry and any application. Depending on the industry servo drives can also be referred to as servo amplifiers, motor drives, motor drivers, motor controllers or other variations.

Servo Drives

What is a Servo Drive?
A servo drive is an electronic device that translates low-energy command signals from a controller into high-energy voltage and current delivered to a servo motor. The command signal can represent the desired position, velocity or torque. The servo drive monitors feedback on the motor and automatically adjusts its output to correct for differences between the commanded value and actual.

Servo Drives for Every Need
Different industries and applications have different requirements. Here are some of the many options available when selecting a servo drive:

  • Networks – Command
  • control and system monitoring networks include EtherCAT
  • Ethernet POWERLINK
  • TCP/IP
  • CANopen
  • Modbus
  • RS232/RS485 and more
  • Motor types – Servo drives can run many types of motors including: Brushed
  • Brushless
  • Inductive Load
  • Linear
  • Linear Actuator
  • Direct Drive
  • AC Induction
  • Stepper
  • Magnetic Bearing
  • Pancake
  • Permanent Magnet
  • Voice Coil and more.
  • Feedback – Feedback choices include: Absolute Encoders
  • Incremental Encoders
  • TTL
  • 1Vpp
  • Tachometer
  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Hall Sensors
  • Resolvers
  • and more.
  • Form Factor – The size and shape of the servo drive is called the form factor. Regardless of the form factor most features and options can be found on all types.
    - Panel mount servo drives are the traditional form factor found in industrial cabinets.
    - Due to their small size PCB Mount drives are an excellent choice for embedded and mobile applications. Even with the smaller size they still have the same features as their larger siblings.
    - Vehicle mount drives have more power and are laid out to accept larger power cables and use automotive connectors for the signal wiring.
  • Architecture – Modern servo drives are built using digital architecture giving them the additional features
  • capabilities and intelligence needed in today’s systems. Analog architecture is the original technology for servo drives
  • it offers simplicity and cost advantages.
  • Power – Power can range from milliamps amps to hundreds of amps and from 10V to 800V
  • Featured Products
    - FE060-25-EM
    - DZCANTE-040L080
    - DZRALTE-012L080
    - AB30A200AC
    - DPRANIE-040A400
    - DPEANIU-015S400