DigiFlex® Performance

DigiFlex® Performance™ servo drives can be controlled over the network or stand-alone using traditional ±10V analog commands, Step & Direction, PWM & Direction, and more. Configuration is achieved with a PC and DriveWare®, and once configured the type of control is flexible to the user. Full tuning control of Position Velocity and Torque loops Real-time DigiFlex<sup>®</sup> Performance<sup>™</sup>


The AxCent™ product platform encompasses the non-digital architecture servo drives from ADVANCED Motion Controls® including: panel mount, pcb mount and vehicle mount servo drives. The quick response and high bandwidth of AxCent™ servo drive designs are targeted for centralized control schemes, hence Axes for Centralized Control. The AxCent™ product platform brings improvements to the design AxCent<sup>™</sup>

Custom Servo Drives & Accessories

servo drive products

One of the things that sets us apart from our competitors is our willingness to make modified and custom servo drives and other products. We’ve been making custom servo amplifiers nearly since the beginning. Today, make up about one third of our business. Modified products make up another third. While developing a custom servo drive Custom Servo Drives & Accessories

Modified Servo Drives

ADVANCED Motion Controls’ offering of off-the-shelf products encompasses a wide range of power, performance, and design considerations. However, sometimes a few minor adjustments to a standard product can be beneficial to make things just right for a specific application without the need to invest in a fully-custom solution.  A modified solution can quickly be realized Modified Servo Drives