50/50 vs 100/0

In 100/0 switching, the H-Bridge switches between two states – 100% ON and 100% OFF – with the output magnitude controlled by the duty cycle. Reversing direction is accomplished by using the complimentary power devices in the H-Bridge. In 50/50 switching, the H-Bridge switches between 100% forward current and 100% backward current. Again, the magnitude 50/50 vs 100/0

High Frequency

Switching frequency refers to how fast the PWM output switches. The servo drive switching frequency is typically held constant, and the output current is controlled by the duty cycle. Benefit For low inductance motors the current may rise too fast when the power devices are turned on and the current may drop too fast when High Frequency


SVM (Space Vector Modulation) is a switching algorithm used for the creation of alternating current waveforms, and is especially suited to digital servo drives. Benefits SVM leads to 15% better utilization of the available bus voltage Reduces the total harmonic distortion ADVANCED Motion Controls’ Capabilities All DigiFlex® Performance™ servo drives use SVM for sinusoidal commutation Industries, Technologies, SVM