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A Resolver is a type of electrical device used to measure the relative angular position of a rotating shaft. They are commonly employed in various industrial and engineering applications where accurate angular position information is required. In servo systems, resolvers are attached to the motor shaft and used by the servo drive for velocity and position feedback.

Compared to other feedback devices a resolver is very durable and can withstand much harsher conditions. A Resolver is the ideal feedback device in high vibration, high shock, and high temperature environments. Resolvers are known for long service life and minimal wear and tear and are less prone to failure compared to some other types of sensors, making them suitable for critical systems and applications where downtime must be minimized.

Highly accurate and durable, a Resolver, in many cases, can provide accurate and reliable angle measurements, making them valuable in applications that require precision control in harsh environments, such as mobile robotics, aerospace and the defense industry.



  • A resolver is suited to harsh environments such as high temperatures and severe vibration since they do not rely on optical sensors or glass disks which can fail in these conditions.
  • A resolver is less susceptible to Electromagnetic Interference (EMI).
Resolver diagram 2

ADVANCED Les capacités de Motion Controls

  • ADVANCED Motion Controls servo drives with Resolver feedback have 12, 14- and 16-bit selectable resolution to achieve 4096, 16,384, 32,768 counts per resolver cycle, respectively.
  • Typical resolver specifications include 5kHz excitation frequency at 4Vrms, and 0.5 transformation ratio. Custom solutions can be built to match the specifications of the resolver.

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