ADVANCED Motion Controls
DriveWare® 7.4.2 Patch 1.1 Release Notes
Sept 2020

DriveWare® is free software for use in commissioning and setup of ADVANCED Motion Controls' DigiFlex® Performance servo drives.

DriveWare® provides the ability to set drive limits, tune the current, velocity, and position control loops, and assign automated functions to drive events. The fully functional multi-channel oscilloscope eases system setup and assessment.

Documentation and support are available on the ADVANCED Motion Controls' web site (, or contact Technical Support by phone at 805-389-1935.


Bug Fixes
  • Fixed firmware download issue with 7.4.2 firmware

    Compatibility and Firmware Migration
  • Project files created with older DriveWare versions will be automatically converted to a compatible format upon opening in the latest software. Drives with earlier versions of firmware will require a firmware download upon connecting to the new DriveWare software.
  • Note: drives manufactured prior to 2012 may not support motion engine.
  • Drives with part numbers "DxxxxxU" or "DxxxxxA" may have multiple firmware types to select from in the firmware download screen. Choose the firmware according to your intended feedback device. Examples: ENC = 5V Incremental Encoder, SIN = 1V p-p Sin/Cos encoder, ABS = Hiperface or EnDat absolute with 1Vp-p, EN22= EnDat 2.2, BISS = BiSS C. Note: not all of these options will be available on all drives.
  • SynqNet drives are not supported in this release. Contact technical support for more information.

    Known Issues
  • DriveWare may improperly scale user units for Auxiliary Encoder Resolution when converting from an older project. This will not affect drive functionality.
  • The Jog configuration tab may show an asterisk symbol when changes have not been made. This will cease after new changes have been applied.
  • Regardless of the active Gain Set prior to execution of a Jog, the Gain Set associated with the active Configuration will become the active Gain Set during a Jog.
  • When running repeated indexes through the motion panel with the oscilloscope window open, the repeated motion may be interrupted. This is due to high communication traffic, and is dependent on the communication interface and baud rate. For improved performance, program the same motion in a sequence instead.


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