Reserved and Discontinued Products

page-discontinuedReserved – Reserved products can only be purchased for existing applications. Technical support is limited.

Discontinued – Discontinued products are no longer manufactured and are not available for purchase. Technical support is very limited or unavailable.

Q: How do you determine if your product is Active, Reserved or Discontinued?
A: Find the “Product Resource Center” on the left panel of this website. Enter the part number to view the product information window and determine the status.



Migration Assistance – Please Contact Technical Support if you need help migrating from a Reserved/Discontinued product to an Active product. We would be happy to help you find a comparable product from our current product line. Because Active models take advantage of newer technology, they are in general more cost effective, reliable, smaller and more powerful than older models.

The following documents are for general information purposes and may or may not be relevant to your particular product.