3rd Party Compatibility

Additional Components

List of other manufacturers who supply other components and devices that pair well with ADVANCED Motion Controls products.

At ADVANCED Motion Controls we try to make our servo drives compatible with as many Motors, Controllers, Feedback and I/O as possible which means you don’t have to get locked into any particular component manufacturer when designing your system.

To facilitate component selection and integration we have compiled this list of 3rd party motor, controller and feedback manufacturers that have worked with our servo drives in the past. We are not resellers of 3rd party products, to purchase please contact the manufacturer directly.

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‘Preferred Products Partners’ have been established and are extremely knowledgeable with each other’s products for faster integration.

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Kvaser device drivers are built into ADVANCED Motion Controls configuration software including both ACE and DriveWare.

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Motus Labs

Motus Labs produces M-Drive gears designed to provide higher torque and higher reliability than similarly sized strain wave gears. The M-Drive design distributes load stresses over a much larger surface area, permitting the Motus M-DRIVE to deliver much higher torque per unit size and volume than competing strain wave drives.

Motus Labs and ADVANCED Motion Controls are partnered to help robot and machine designers get the highest torque and reliability in the most compact solution.

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IGUS (Robot Arms)
IXXAT Automation (CANopen and EtherCAT Interfaces)