Privacy Policy

Last Updated September 20, 2018

At ADVANCED Motion Controls, we understand how important your privacy is to you, which is why we strive to protect your personal information as best as we possibly can. Furthermore, we make sure that you are in control of the data we collect from you.

We will never sell, rent, or otherwise distribute your name, email address, or any other personally identifiable information to third parties.

We are first and foremost a motion control company. Our business is in developing, manufacturing, and selling quality motion control products. We are not in the business of profiting off your private information.

When you register on our site, fill out a form, or contact us, we collect that information and store it in our database. Any information that you provide to us or that we collect using cookies will not be sold or otherwise distributed to anyone beyond our company or sales representatives without your explicit consent.

ADVANCED Motion Controls will not automatically collect any personal data from you while you browse our site unless you decide to allow cookies.

Our website uses two types of cookies. The first of these are necessary cookies required for our site to function properly. These simply preserve your settings and your login information as you navigate between pages on our site. These cannot be disabled.

We also have optional cookies. These let us know when you enter and leave our site, how you entered our site, and pages you visit within our site, and your operating system and browser. We use this information to better serve you, but it is entirely your choice. These cookies are disabled by default, but you can allow them by clicking okay in the pop-up window that appears when you enter our site. Please note that embedded video players for YouTube and Vimeo content may not work properly on our site unless cookies are enabled.

You will not receive any promotional emails from ADVANCED Motion Controls unless you agree to receive them.

We do not spam, and we will not send you promotional emails about products, events, or company news unless you opt-in to receive them. You can also opt-out of email updates at any time. You can change your subscription settings using the link at the bottom of any of these emails.

We will of course maintain direct communication regarding orders and shipments, customer service, technical support, and follow-up information for the University Outreach Program.

You have the right to be forgotten.

If you request it, we will remove you as a contact from our system. All your personal information that we have stored will be deleted. To begin the process, send an email to fill out the Contact Us form and ask to be removed. We will have you out of our system as soon as possible.