Returns and Repairs

All materials sent to ADVANCED Motion Controls must be assigned a Return Materials Authorization number (RMA). This includes non-AMC parts such as motors and other equipment received for system evaluation. Equipment received without an RMA number will be immediately returned at the originating shipper's expense.

Pricing Guidelines, Warranty Periods, Product Identification and Repairability

If your ADVANCED Motion Controls equipment no longer functions as expected, early contact with us to receive proper guidance is imperative. Complete information is needed to get your equipment operating properly in the shortest amount of time.

Please contact our Application Engineering department to troubleshoot the fault condition. If the fault condition is confirmed, contact our Customer Support Team to request an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number. The Part number, serial number, description of product failure, name of the supporting ADVANCED Motion Controls Application Engineer who confirmed the fault condition, and the day in which the fault was confirmed will be requested at that time. A preauthorized RMA number must accompany all equipment. Equipment received without an RMA number will be immediately returned at the originating shipper’s expense.

The ADVANCED Motion Controls original product label must not be altered or removed from the product. Alteration or removal of this external label voids the product warranty.

Our Sales and Engineering Support Staff are located at our World Headquarters in Camarillo, CA. USA

Call 805-389-1935 Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm Pacific Time

Warranty Repairs

(0 - 12 months from purchase date)

  • Pricing

    $0 – $200: There is no processing fee for product repaired under warranty; however, product received in good working condition, and not requiring component repair will be charged a $200 evaluation fee. The evaluation fee may be waived if the failure condition is previously qualified by an ADVANCED Motion Controls Application Engineer.

  • Shipping

    Shipping charges to ADVANCED Motion Controls are the responsibility of the RMA requestor. ADVANCED Motion Controls may cover the return freight shipment for product repaired under warranty when a standard freight method is requested.

  • Replacements

    ADVANCED Motion Controls reserves the right to replace rather than repair product.

  • Voided Warranty

    If ADVANCED Motion Controls determines the product damage is due to inappropriate customer use (as defined by our Terms & Conditions), the warranty is null and void and all repair efforts will cease until customer Service Repair charges are secured.

Service Repairs

(13 - 60 months from purchase date)

  • Qualifications

    The Service repair period extends from 13 - 60 months from the purchase date. Products that are more than 5 years old are generally not accepted for repair.

    • Service repairs may be limited for models that are discontinued.
  • Pricing

    Pricing varies by product. Repair funds must be secured by way of purchase order or credit card submittal prior to RMA issuance. When a product cannot be repaired, a $150 evaluation fee will be charged. Product received in good working condition, and not requiring component repair, will be charged a $200 evaluation fee.

  • Shipping

    Shipping charges to and from ADVANCED Motion Controls are the responsibility of the RMA requestor.

  • Cosmetic Damage

    Both Warranty and Service repairs cover functional restoration only. Product returned with dents, scratches, post production labels, adhesive, etc. will be returned in the same cosmetic condition. Please request a separate quote, when cosmetic repair is required.

  • Extended Warranty

    A six-month limited warranty is extended to all reworked product, and is limited to the area / circuitry of the physical repair. It does not cover the product in its entirety. Repairs are fully documented with information stored as a record of final configuration on all serialized products.

  • Determining Product Age

    The age of a product is based upon the first time the product was shipped from the factory for purchase. We retain complete shipping records for all serialized products, and from this we determine the warranty status of your product.

  • Warranty and Repair Periods

    • 0 – 12 months: Warranty
    • 13 – 60 months: Service
    • +60 months (+5 years): Generally not accepted for repair

Product Beyond Repair

Some products may not be repairable as they are beyond the maximum age limit, have extensive physical damage, and/or are priced so competitively that repair is not economically feasible. In these cases, purchasing a new, replacement drive is recommended. We strongly encourage discussions with our Applications Engineering department prior to requesting a RMA to qualify each return.

In the event that product is not repairable, contact will be made to determine the final course of action: return the product as is, or factory disposal. Factory disposal relieves the customer of return freight charges; however, the $150.00 evaluation fee still applies.

  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Damage

    • Lifted Pads / Traces – It is not possible to repair this type of damage.
    • Burned PCB (not including soot on the PCB from burned components) – Even minor burns can change the electrical characteristics of the PCB material and compromise the isolation between traces and components.

  • Substantial Component Failure

    Although it is technically possible to replace any and all components on a PCB, there is a practical limit above which the reliability falls below acceptable standards.

  • Age of Product

    After 5 years of age we have found that the investigation time, replacement components, testing procedures, and general processing costs to repair these products go beyond the established pricing. In the interest of keeping your equipment operating at peak performance for years to come, units shipped more than 60 months ago are generally not accepted for repair. We recommend purchasing new replacements.

Product Identification

  • Products are Identified by the Information on their Labels

    • How to find and interpret the product label – Product labels are found on the OUTSIDE of the product. Some products may have labels inside the case but these are for subassembly identification only, NOT product identification.

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