Servo Controls

ADVANCED Motion Controls offers software and hardware motion control solutions. We strive to make our servo drives compatible with as many 3rd party controllers as possible. We also have our own controls ranging from Click&Move®, our full featured soft automation solution, to Motion Engine, a simple embedded control for indexing and sequencing.



Click&Move® is a complete automation solution designed for OEMs, systems integrators and end users. It can include motion control, PLC logic, local and/or networked I/O, as well as HMI functionality.



DriveLibrary™ is a high-level API interface that defines a collection of control functions to support developers of motion control solutions, especially those using ADVANCED Motion Controls drives.


Motion Engine

Motion Engine is embedded motion control functionality built into all of our digital servo drives. These features allow the controller to offload motion trajectory calculations and let them be performed in the drive. Motion Engine can be set up using ACE™ software for FlexPro® drives and DriveWare® for DigiFlex™ Performance® drives.

MACC Controllers

MACC Controllers

The Motion Automation Control Card (MACC) family comprises stand-alone general purpose motion/automation controllers programmed with AMC’s Click&Move® IDE Software.