Servo drives, also known as servo amplifiers, supply current and voltage to a motor in a controlled fashion to achieve the desired motion response. At ADVANCED Motion Controls, we’ve been designing, manufacturing, and selling servo drives for over three decades, establishing ourselves as motion control experts. We’re well equipped to provide amplifiers that work with.

  • Any Motor: Our servo drives can be configured to run three phase brushless motors, single phase brushed motors, stepper motors, AC induction motors, and linear motors.

  • Any Controller: We have servo motor drives that can be commanded via a network (EtherCAT, CANopen, EtherNet/IP Ethernet Powerlink, RS485, RS232), ±10 V analog signals, PWM and Direction, Indexing, or Sequencing.

  • Any Feedback: Our servo amplifiers have support for various feedback devices including incremental encoders, hall sensors, sin/cos encoders, absolute encoders (EnDat, Biss-C, Hiperface), tachometer, and resolvers.

  • Any Industry: Our drives have been used in the robotics, AGV, manufacturing, medical, semiconductor, defense, and dozens of other industries.

  • Any Application: With the FlexPro® and DigiFlex® Performance™ digital servo drive families, the AxCent™ analog servo drive family, and the ability to make custom servo drives upon request, we’ll find the servo drive for your motion control system that delivers the power, functional safety, safe torque off, and operational flexibility you need.