Servo Drives 101: Learn All About Servo Drives

When it comes to servo drives and motion control, there's a lot to know. But don't worry, we've made it easy. This selection of articles will help you become a servo drive expert in no time!

Class is now in session, let's learn about servo drives.

Recommended Reading

Are you brand new to servo drives?

You're in luck. These quick articles will help you learn the fundamentals of servo drives and motion control for beginners!

What is a Servo Drive?

What is a Servo Drive?

That's the question isn't it? We'll tell you what servo drives are, where they are used, and how they benefit motion control systems.

Servo Drives Basics

Servo Drive Basics

We'll take your knowledge of servo drives from the understanding of a 5 year old up to university level and beyond!


Motion Control Overview

All the parts of motion control wrapped in together!

Further Study

By now, you've got the basics down, but we've only scratched the surface of what there is to learn about servo drives. It's time to explore the variety of different servo drive types and the different features and capabilities they have.

Servo Drive Trends for 2022

Servo Drive Trends for 2022

Where is the motion control industry headed and what trends can we expect to see with servo drives?

6 Cool Servo Drive Features You Might Not Know About

6 Cool Servo Drive Features You Might Not Know About

Servo drives do much more than just power motors. Take a look!


How to Select a Servo Drive

Don't settle; find the perfect servo drive that makes you application feel whole.

Analog and Digital: Which is the Way to Go?

Analog vs. Digital Servo Drives

Find out why some engineers still choose analog servo drives over newer-style digital drives.

Extra Credit

You're either becoming as obsessed with motion control as we are or you're trying to impress someone. Either way, there's much more to learn about servo drives, far more than we could put on this page. Here are just a few more pieces of reading so you can expand your knowledge and look cool in front of your friends.

Our Servo Drive Capabilities

Servo Drives Overview

Servo Drives Overview

Summary of our standard product offering, including power levels, networks, architectures, and more.


Custom Servo Drives

Overview of just a few of the capabilities we can offer with fully-custom servo drive solutions.

FlexPro Info Box


Everything you need to know about our latest servo drive family, FlexPro. These are compact drives with unrivaled power density.

Common Servo Drive Applications

Warehouse Automation Info Box

Warehouse Automation

Servo driven mobile robots have revolutionized material storage and transportation in large facilities.


Patient Ventilators

Ventilators provide breathing assistance to patients unable to do so on their own, and servo drives help control the airflow in these life-saving devices.

3D printing info box 2

3D Printers

Servo drives can be used to control every axis of motion in 3D printers (and other gantry systems!) Learn about servo drives and the role they play in 3D printers.

Classifications and History

Is it Servo Drive or Servo Amplifier? and Other Motion Control Questions

Drive or Amplifier?

Are they interchangeable terms? What about servo drive and motor controller? Clear up all the ambiguity here!

The History of Modern Motion Control

History of Modern Motion Control

A look into how motion control as we know it today came to be over the last 150 years.

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