Custom Servo Drives & Accessories

ADVANCED Motion Controls has a broad servo drive offering and the ability to sell products in a modified form, but some motion control applications need something much different from the off-the-shelf models we offer. Thankfully, ADVANCED Motion Controls has the capability to promptly develop and deliver specified products for OEMs with volume requests.

One of the things that sets us apart from our competitors is our willingness to make custom servo drives and other products. We’ve been making custom servo amplifiers nearly since the beginning. Today, custom products make up about one third of our business. While developing a custom servo drive for a customer, we work closely with them to give them a servo solution that does everything they need. This can include creating drives that have different connectors, shape, number of axes, and other features than our usual product offering.

Is it always worth it to seek out a custom solution? All customs are different, so we have to treat each case individually. However, we can still provide some general guidance.

For customs where there is increased complexity it’s best to add up the cost of the individual components for comparison. A multi-axis solution for example can be a combination of two drives and a mounting card. If you added up the price of the individual components it is very likely that the custom 2-axis drive would cost less (Even including engineering costs and NRE).

Even in cases where there is very low volume, you can still come out ahead if you consider the cost of alternative solutions. For example, how much does it really cost to design your own servo drive? We’ve seen customers struggle for years trying to design their own solution and end up with unsatisfactory results and poor reliability. But when given the chance to step in, we have proven ourselves time and again by delivering excellent solutions in just a few weeks or months making our customers very happy.

So how is it that we can deliver the best solutions so quickly? The simple answer is – it’s just who we are. Our skill-set for designing servo drives is practiced and honed in daily, and it shows in our time-to-delivery, quality, performance and pricing. We truly do believe everything is possible at ADVANCED Motion Controls, and our custom products make that true.

If you believe a custom product could be the answer for your motion control solution, please Contact Us and we’ll lend our expertise.

  • On-site engineering and manufacturing
  • Close cooperation between our engineering and applications departments and the customer
  • Built on the same equipment and by the same people as standard products

A custom design has many advantages when it comes to cost and lead times

  • Tailored to meet the exact form
  • fit
  • and function requirements
  • Cost savings due to reduction of components or features not needed for the specific system
  • ADVANCED Motion Controls' experience and in-house facilities will produce reliable custom solutions faster than any other suppliers on the market

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