Motion Control Accessories

In addition to servo drives, we offer numerous accessories to help you put together the perfect motion control system.


Mounting Cards

Mounting cards simplify the installation of PCB mount servo drives, allowing them to use cable connections rather than plugging directly into a board with pins.


Power Supplies

Power supplies deliver DC voltage to servo drives and other components. Both un-regulated and regulated power supplies are available.


Shunt Regulators

Shunt regulators stabilize voltage fluctuations to eliminate transient over-voltage problems, increasing the system reliability.


Connector Kits

Connector kits make it easy to connect your servo drives and mounting cards to your system.


MACC I/O Boards

MACC I/O boards expand the available system I/O to fulfill any application requirement.


Filter Cards

Filter cards add inductance to the motor/drive system to increase the stability of the current loop.