Free Servo Drives and Products

These products are from our refurbished inventory and are available for free to qualifying applicants through the University Outreach Program. This list is updated regularly, however it's possible that the part you want is no longer on the shelf and has already been given away. If this happens, we can work with you to provide an alternate selection.

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Servo Drives

Model NumberQuantityNotesCurrent Rating (A) Peak / ContinuousOperating Voltage
DZCANTE-010L2003DigiFlex Plug-In, CANopen10 / 640-175
DZCANTU-020B2001DigiFlex Plug-In, CANopen20 / 1040-175 VDC
DZSANTU-020B0801DigiFlex Plug-In, EtherCAT20 / 1018-80 VDC
DPCANIE-015S4001DigiFlex Panel Mount15 / 7.5100-240 VAC
DPCANIE-030A8001DigiFlex Panel Mount30 / 15200-480 VAC
DPRAHIE-015A4001DigiFlex Panel Mount15 / 7.5100-240 VAC
DPRAHIS-030A4001DigiFlex Panel Mount30 / 15100-240 VAC
AZ10A2014AxCent Plug-In10 / 640-175 VDC
DPRAHIE-030A8001DigiFlex Panel Mount30 / 15200-480 VAC
AZ10A20DDC2AxCent Plug-In10 / 640-175 VDC
AZ20A8DDC6AxCent Plug-In20 / 1220-80 VDC
AZ60A85AxCent Plug-In60 / 3010-80 VDC
A25A1001AxCent Panel Mount25 / 1520-80 VDC
Z12A84Analog Plug-In12 / 615-80 VDC
12A8-INV1Analog Panel Mount12 / 620-80 VDC
20A143Analog Panel Mount20 / 1040-140 VDC
25A8-INV1Analog Panel Mount25 / 12.520-80 VDC
25A8-QDI1Analog Panel Mount25 / 12.520-80 VDC
B12A6-INV2Analog Panel Mount12 / 620-60 VDC
B12A6-QDI1Analog Panel Mount12 / 620-60 VDC
B15A8-INV2Analog Panel Mount15 / 7.520-80 VDC
B25A20I1Analog Panel Mount25 / 12.540-190 VDC
B30A8I2Analog Panel Mount30 / 1520-80 VDC
B40A201Analog Panel Mount40 / 2040-190 VDC
B40A20I-INV1Analog Panel Mount40 / 2040-190 VDC
BE12A6-QDI1Analog Panel Mount12 / 620-60 VDC
BE15A82Analog Panel Mount15 / 7.520-80 VDC
BE15A8-H6Analog Panel Mount15 / 7.520-80 VDC
BE15A8-HQDI1Analog Panel Mount15 / 7.520-80 VDC
BE30A81Analog Panel Mount30 / 1520-80 VDC
BE40A201Analog Panel Mount40 / 2040-190 VDC
S60A40AC2Analog Panel Mount40 / 2045-270 VAC
SX25A201Analog Panel Mount25 / 12.540-175 VDC

*3-phase motors include: 3 phase permanent magnet brushless, rotary and linear motors
*1-phase motors include: Brushed motors, voice coils and inductive loads


Model NumberQuantityNotes
ID330039Brushed motor, no feedback. Room on back of motor to mount encoder
ID230044Brushed motor, no feedback. Room on back of motor to mount encoder

Mounting Cards for Z-Drives

Model NumberQuantityNotes
MC1XDZ2Compatible with DZCANTE-012L080 and DZRALTE-012L080
MC1XAZ023Mounting Card for Micro-sized Z-Drives - AZB10A4, AZBH10A4, AZBE10A4, etc. No encoder terminal.

Filter Cards

Increases line to line inductance to stabilize the current loop and reduce electrical noise.

Model NumberQuantityNotes
None available at this time--


Surplus cables for signal level wiring

Part NumberNumber of ConductorsLengthDescription
CBL-252615' (4.5m)
CBL-151615' (4.5m)These are great cables to increase the noise immunity of your system. The cables feature individually shielded twisted pairs, a dedicated ground conductor, and a braided shield over the wire bundle. These are signal level cables not power. Most cables are unconnected on both ends, while some have a DB connector on one end (DB15 or DB25) which can be cut off as needed.

Shunt Regulators

Clamps power supply voltage, to prevent over voltage condition during regeneration

Model NumberQuantityClamping Voltage

Power Supplies

Converts source power from AC to DC voltage to power servo drives and other devices

Model NumberQuantityVoltage InputOutput VoltageOutput CurrentOutput PowerIsolationDrives AccomodatedNotes
PS16L721120 VAC 72 VDC11 A800 WYes1Comes on thicker and wider 12.5" x 10.5" baseplate
PS16L120-L2120 VAC120 VDC7 A800 WYes1
PS300W241120 VAC24 VDC12 A300 WYes1
PS2X3W241120 VAC24 VDC12 A300 WYes2
PS2X3W721120 VAC72 VDC3 A220 WYes2
PS4X3W242120 VAC300 W12 A300 WYes4
PS4X3W481120 VAC48 VDC6 A300 WYes4

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