Promotional Media

All of our promotional materials in one place including our product and capabilities brochure, company videos, industry flyers, company logo and more. Download and print brochures and flyers to show to your coworkers or clients.

Brochures and Flyers

Products and Capabilities Overview

Product catalog presenting our wide array of off-the-shelf servo drives, controls technology, and custom solutions.


POWERLINK Capabilities

Multi-page flyer highlighting our POWERLINK-enabled DigiFlex® PerformanceTM servo drives.


FlexPro™ Product Release

Two-page flyer introducing the first FlexPro™ drive, the FE060-25-EM.


DxM™ and DxI/O™ Technology for EtherCAT®

New game-changing technology for servo motion and I/O control that reduces cost, increases flexibility, and upgrades performance.


Extended Environment Capabilities

Two-sided flyer that concisely illustrates our extended environment capabilities. Soluttions for hot, cold, shock and vibration environments including DigiFlex® Performance™ and AxCent™ products.


Industry Flyers

These single-page flyers showcase our capabilities in some industries and applications where ADVANCED Motion Controls servo drives are installed.  For a complete list visit our Experience page.

Promotional Videos


Capabilities Video

Meet the engineering and management teams and see how ADVANCED Motion Controls can help your company succeed. Our motion control expertise can help solve your engineering problems while our manufacturing capabilities will deliver as promised on time.


Introductory Overview Video

Within 60 seconds, get a quick overview of our products and capabilities. Readily available products and completely new engineered solutions - Everything’s possible.

Company Logos


ADVANCED Motion Controls' Logo

Download a ZIP file containing multiple sizes and formats of our company logo.