3rd Party Compatibility

Motion Controllers

At ADVANCED Motion Controls our goal is to make servo drives that are compatible with as many controllers as possible. These include EtherCAT, CANopen, Powerlink, and more! This gives you and other system designers the freedom to choose among a wider variety of controllers and not get locked into any particular manufacturer.

To facilitate your design process we have compiled this list of 3rd party controllers that have worked with our servo drives in the past.  This list isn't a guarantee of compatibility since there are too many variables to account for, but it's a good starting point when searching for the right controller for your system. Conversely, even if you don't see a particular controller on this list, it might still be compatible.

NOTE: We are not resellers of 3rd party products.  To purchase controllers listed on this page, please contact the manufacturer directly.

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‘Preferred Products Partners’ have been established and are extremely knowledgeable with each other’s products for faster integration.

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Trio Motion Technology

EtherCAT – A special arrangement has been made with Trio Motion Technology Ltd – a UK specialist in high performance motion control – to recommend our DPE… and DZE… series of EtherCAT drives in combination with their MC4N ECAT master control. The offer creates a world class package for multi-axis machine control in the automation industry for practically any application. The high-performance motion controller MC4N enables every axis to be programmed to move using linear, circular or helical or spherical interpolation, electronic cams, linked axes, and gearboxes. The power of the controller allows for multiple robotic transformations to run simultaneously.See more…

Other – Trio Motion Technology is noted for their wide range of controllers including: +/-10 V. analog or Pulse/Direction commands for applications with either a low or high number of axes. See more…

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Galil Motion Control

EtherCAT – Galil’s DMC-500×0 EtherCAT Master provides a plug and play network solution with configuration and communications handled entirely in firmware. Once installed, programming motion using an EtherCAT drive is identical to that of a standard servo drive plus only a few set up commands. This transparency allows access to all of Galil’s programming capabilities and coordinated motion up to 8 axes, including linear interpolation, electronic gearing and CAM, Contour and PVT. The DMC-500×0 EtherCAT Master comes standard with the ability to run both analog and EtherCAT drives like AMC’s DPE… and DZE… series, allowing developers to work with either type exclusively or in a ‘mix and match’ configuration. See more…

Other – Competitively priced and backed by superior product support, Galil controllers come standard with the ability to interface with a broad range hardware including +/-10V analog, PWM/direction and step/direction signals for motion control. These capabilities provide a ‘best in breed’ option for developers, allowing them to choose the optimal components for each aspect of their application. Galil controllers have been working together with AMC drives for over two decades in a multitude of applications. See more…

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Many customers of Dynomotion already use the KFLOP controller and the Kanalog interface board with ADVANCED Motion Controls’ +/- 10V analog input servo drives. The combination has proven to be some of the most cost-effective motion control systems available, especially when used with ADVANCED Motion Controls’ new plug-in/embedded µ-sized servo drives: AZB10A4 for +/- 10V analog input commands. The AZBDC10A4 for PWM & Direction input commands can work directly with the KFLOP controller. To augment these capabilities, additional testing efforts were performed by Dynomotion to ensure compatibility with ADVANCED Motion Controls’ DigiFlex® Performance™ panel mount DPR… and embedded/plug-in module DZR… series servo drives not only for +/-10V input commands but also for Step & Direction and PWM & Direction inputs. This combination creates an incredibly flexible and accurate motion system providing up to 8 axes of control. Available are Application Notes for various system wiring combinations. Dynomotion hardware and software designs provide sophisticated motion systems in a very cost-effective form factor.

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Robotic Systems Integration

EtherCAT – RSI specializes in PC-based, high-performance motion control and the RMP EtherCAT is a software-based motion controller supporting at least 64 axes and thousands of I/O points. RapidCode API programming interface provides maximum versatility and performance and allows user to program in C++, C# or VB .NET. The RMP network can automatically detect any DigiFlex® Performance™ servo drives, DPE… and DZE… series, for position or torque mode control. Easy to use software tools for configuration, homing, motion testing, auto tuning, advanced frequency tuning and post-filtering, oscilloscope plotting, and diagnostics.

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CANopen - BlueBotics makes it easy to take human controlled machines like floor scrubbers and forklifts and turn them into automated mobile robots.

Since 2001, BlueBotics controllers have brought thousands of AGVs, automated forklifts, and other mobile robots to life. Throughout that time, the company has maintained their commitment to advancing control technology while still making it simple and easy for their customers to implement. Their natural feature navigation technology, ANT®, makes AGV installation and operation pain-free for end-users as well.

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Acontis Technologies (EtherCAT)
ACS Motion Controls (EtherCAT)
Beckhoff Automation (EtherCAT)
Control Technology (CTC) (EtherCAT)
Delta Computer Systems (Other)
Delta Tau Data Systems (EtherCAT)
Moog (Other)
National Instruments (Other)
Oregon Micro Systems (Other)
Performance Motion Devices (Other)
Robox (EtherCAT, Other)