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ADVANCED Motion Controls is actively involved in the educational process of students, student groups, professors, researchers and other academically related organizations by encouraging the use of motion controls in research. We are proud to be a pending and integral part of your team's project. Including but not limited to: general or specific engineering, various research topics, laboratory upgrade and equipment requests, classroom projects, masters and doctoral thesis topics, etc.

In order to determine how much of a product donation ADVANCED Motion Controls can propose, we must consider the overall aspects of your project. That is: eventual project contribution to community, exploration difficulty (technical or financial), other organizational contributions, etc. To properly ascertain the amount of partial or complete ADVANCED Motion Controls product donation, please answer the following as accurately as possible. With the replies to these questions (and possibly a few more), I believe proper assessment can be made in a timely manner.

Allow us to apologize in advance if you feel this form is lengthy, however it does assist us in a more thorough and proper evaluation. You can imagine the amount of requests we get!

We can help you select the best product for your needs or you can look through our standard product line and pick what you think will work for you. We normally discount new servo drives but we also have a list of free drives that we're giving away. If you want one of the free drives please mention this in the comments section of this form.

Note: Contributions are typically limited to institutions in the United States, or international projects that include the involvement of U.S. institutions. Accessories and other components such as power supplies and motors are awarded with the expectation that they will be used along with ADVANCED Motion Controls servo drives.

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  • If the project has an official website please list the URL.
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  • After submission and evaluation of this information, donation amounts will be up to the discretion of ADVANCED Motion Controls based on the project's contribution and financial need. If approved, we at ADVANCED Motion Controls will be pleased to consider this as a marketing related event. All that we ask is that ADVANCED Motion Controls be allowed to mention the sponsorship and mutually be listed as a sponsor by your team (mention us on a website, prominently display ADVANCED Motion Controls' stickers, etc.).

    Upon ADVANCED Motion Controls' reply and with mutual agreement, it would be a simple matter of placing an equipment purchase order on your respective educational institution's letterhead confirming these intentions. No further paperwork will be necessary.

    We assure you that you will receive feedback to your request within 2 ~ 3 business days. All of us at ADVANCED Motion Controls look forward to your information and working with you and your colleagues further.


    ADVANCED Motion Controls