About Us

"I wanted to be the best servo company in the world. I didn't want to be the biggest... I just wanted to be the best."

- Daniel Schoenewald, Co-founder -

Company Information

Sándor Barta and Daniel Schoenewald founded ADVANCED Motion Controls in 1987 driven by their shared desire to design, manufacture and sell the best servo drives. With our original private ownership still active we have proudly built and shipped nearly 3 million servo axes worldwide. From our 86,000 ft2 (8000 m2) headquarters in Camarillo, CA USA, we continue to be driven to be the best by offering a wide range of motion solutions that provide reliability and high performance in any motion control system… Any Controller, Any Motor, Any Feedback, Any Application, Any Network, Any Environment, Any Industry!

  • Servo Drives
    • 10-800 VDC and 115, 230, 460 VAC
    • mA to 250A with high efficiency
    • Small, compact, high power density
    • Plug-in, panel mount, multi-axis
    • Extended environment and IP65
    • Networks:
      • CANopen®, EtherCAT®, POWERLINK, Modbus, Ethernet, and others…
    • Commands:
      • Analog, Over the Network, PWM/DIR, STEP/DIR, and more…
  • Machine Controls and I/O
    • Click&Move®
    • Multiple target platforms:
      • Stand-alone, PC-based, or embedded
    • Scalable number of axes and drive power needs
  • System accessories
  • Complete customs or modified products
    • 1/3-1/3-1/3  mix of standard, modified and custom solutions
  • 40 sales partners with 300+ associates and 130+ support engineers worldwide
  • Everyone passionate about your success
  • Certified and registered:
compliances updated
Introduction to Advanced Motion Controls

Making your job easier from concept ➝ design ➝ manufacturing ➝ integration ➝ production

Industries Served

Our extensive experience enables us to quickly find solutions that are both cost-effective and high-performing in a wide variety of industries.


Customer retention rate of >91% at 7 years with very first OEM still a customer today

Production Capabilities

Our manufacturing facility was specifically designed to integrate Engineering, Manufacturing, Testing and Support in a single location giving us unmatched scheduling flexibility and quality control. Prototypes are built on the same line using the same equipment as production units enabling rapid development, fast delivery and exceptional reliability for OEMs.

Designed & Built in the USA

Making it Happen

"I actually just wanted to pass along some feedback of how much a fan I am of your products. I am a young engineer that was first exposed to your products while in college (RPI-Troy, NY). I have a number of friends who use your products in quite the variety of devices."

- Charles E
Zwack, Inc


Engineering to engineering interaction with our customers is key to our ability to address your technical and technology needs. By selecting ADVANCED Motion Controls as your servo drive supplier you will be adding an integral member to your design engineering team with multi-industry expertise. Often we make suggestions that weren't considered by the customer so as to make a better product than what may have originally been conceived. We help bring great new products to the market faster.

  • Customers have direct access to engineering staff
  • 40% of 140+ employees are engineers

Visit us

Factory visits are our unfair advantage to impress our customers. On-site inspections of our manufacturing facilities and quality audits are encouraged! With a single visit you will gain an understanding of the company structure, our way of working and our capabilities.

Learn more about our dedication to our products, technologies, and the industries we serve here.