Servo Drives

ADVANCED Motion Controls servo drives are designed for high performance, reliability and ease of integration.

  • Performance

    High performance servo drives start with optimally tuned current loops with fast update rates, then progresses to velocity and position loops that match the machine's dynamics. FlexPro and DigiFlex Performance servo drives are easily tuned through software including the current, velocity and position loops. AxCent servo drives come configured with current loop tuning parameters that are suitable for most applications, but can be further optimized using traditional tuning methods.

  • Power

    Our servo drives range from 50W to over 20,000W of continuous power; with peak ratings typically double the continuous rating. We have a wide selection of sub-80V servo drives that are ideal for battery powered systems like mobile robotics and portable devices including IMR, AMR, AGV, medical and laboratory applications. Higher voltage servo drives are available from 120VAC to 480VAC as well as the equivalent DC voltage levels to cover most industrial applications.

  • Network Connectivity

    Supported networks include EtherCAT, CANopen, EtherNet/IP, RS485 and more. Machines can be readily adapted for Industry 4.0 and Smart Factories since most servo drive parameters are accessible by the controller over the network bus.

  • Shape and Size

    We make it easy for machine designers to find servo drives that physically fit into their applications by offering a variety of form factors. Panel Mount drives are typically found in factories and industrial settings, PCB Mount drives are perfect for tightly integrated systems, while machine embedded designs are a convenient blend of the two. Regardless of the form factor, performance is never sacrificed.

Product Families



The FlexPro servo drive lineup is one of our most feature-packed and highest performing. The latest advances in engineering give them some of the highest power density in the industry.


DigiFlex® Performance™

DigiFlex Performance servo drives include over 100 models covering a wide range of power, form factors, and network connectivity.



AxCent is our analog servo drive family capable of high bandwidth in centralized control schemes. The traditional analog architecture still plays an important role in many applications.

Form Factors


PCB Mount

PCB mount, also known as embedded or plug-in style servo drives, offer the tightest integration in applications by using pin-based connection.

Introducing FM FlexPro Drives!

Machine Embedded

Machine embedded servo drives are similar to PCB mount drives, but connect with cables rather than directly mounting to the PCB with pins.


Panel Mount

Panel mount drives attach directly to the internal or external frame of a machine. These are the traditional shape for servo drives.


Vehicle Mount

Vehicle mount servo drives are ruggedized and outfitted for high current, making them ideal for heavy duty mobile applications.


Custom Servo Drives

To meet the needs of special applications, we offer modified versions of our standard products as well as full custom products designed from scratch.



Extended Environment

Our Extended Environment models are designed to handle harsher temperatures, pressures, shaking, contaminants, and more.


Safe Torque Off

STO prevents any accidental motor startup, even in the event of a logic failure or unintentional command.


Absolute Feedback

Absolute encoder feedback offers higher precision and absolute position tracking of the motor shaft rather than relative position tracking.




EtherCAT is one of the most popular realtime network communication protocols.



CANopen is a tried, trusted, and low-cost network protocol.