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I actually just wanted to pass along some feedback of how much a fan I am of your products. I am a young engineer that was first exposed to your products while in college (RPI-Troy, NY). I have a number of friends who use your products in quite the variety of devices.

- Charles E
Zwack, Inc

I was thrilled with the technical support we received. Patrick Hawthorne not only knew exactly what we needed to do, he was professional in his communications. I do not work with servos every day and he was able to walk me through it quickly. Kudos to your team.

- Brad D
Signature Brands LLC

I had a very wonderful customer service experience. Donna McCarthy was very helpful and responded to my emails very quickly. She went above and beyond to assist me with my order. [I'll] definitely do business with you again if I ever need to in the future.

- Chris P
General Lift

Good product, excellent service and vendor response, product meets requirements and is easy to integrate, customer does not complain about the price, and I make a profit. Win, win, win.

- Fred R

[Your engineer] has provided excellent support. This past year, we've been struggling with a new application, and she has always been available, even providing remote support for the entire day to help us with difficult technical issues.

- Asa C
Broadley James Corp

We needed 6 servo drives in a hurry and your customer service rep Lilia Carrillo was excellent. The professionalism she displays was the best. I can not thank her enough for how she took care of us.

- Sandy W
Niagra Precision, Inc

The product we are currently using exceeds the high demands that we have placed on it. We are very satisfied with the product an we will be using the drives long into the future.

- Gene C
Advance Storage Products

Even although I couldn't get the technical information I wanted as the product was protected by client agreement, Patrick Hawthorne your Product and Support Engineer, gave me a concise explanation.

- Manfred S
Aviate Products

David Park is very knowledgeable and has a lot of experience with the products. He always answers all of our questions timely and precisely. Thank you!

- Chris P
General Lift

The products and service provide reassurance that excellence in engineering in the USA is still here.

- Ronald D

Derek Haab was professional and knowledgeable on the product. He was able to successfully walk us through the setup and solved the problem we were having spinning the motor.

- Robb F

Donna McCarthy was a fantastic help with all questions and problems concerning the drive we were ordering. Very much appreciated!

- Nicki B

[The AZB60A8] preformed phenomenially, even with some interesting riders, smashing between forward and reverse and bouncing all around. Not only did it survive the electrical loading, the shock-and-vibe from this application is enormous! Give one of their drives a whirl, they are fantastic. Thanks again A-M-C!

- Dane K

Brian Fabian was very patient with my endless questions and he was extremely useful to me. I got quick and very informative answers to all my questions in addition to receiving bunch of useful advice and reference to additional topics. He even helped me pick a servo drive based on my requirements. Overall, I am glad I had the opportunity to talk with him and further expand my knowledge on the subject of servo drivers and to get all the necessary guidance and information to finish my current project.

- Vladimir

My very thanks to Mr. Brian Fabian, Mr. Jackson McKay and Ms. Lilia Carrillo to all the help provided in the past few months, the information and everything else.

- Renan M
Federal University of Pampa

Top notch engineering…waiting for a challenge

- Scott S

The Technical Support Person, Brian Fabian is fantastic, one of the best I've worked with.

- Thomas P

[Your customer service rep] is a treasure. She makes it truly easy to deal with your company.

- Marcia N
New Directions in Sales

I am pleased with my experience with AMC from product selection to ordering.

- Larry B

My interaction was a little out of the ordinary, I was seeking information on a drive produced in the early 90's for a personal project. I reached out to support as a last ditch effort, expecting fully to be advised to just buy new. Being that I am using this project to better understand motion control as well as further my understanding of electronics, I had a lot of random questions. Many other similar support experiences with other companies did not help my initial expectation. I was more than surprised when Patrick from your support team made it very clear that the age of the product was unimportant in his desire to support any product that bears your company name. I had questions that he felt capable of answering given the right information, and he intended to help in any way he responsibly could. Patrick not only took the time to help me understand how to make the drive functional, but took an interest in the way the device was used in its original capacity. As I told him in email, this interaction has not only helped me in my further explorations, but has made the decision of where I will buy when my full intent for this journey comes together. The support alone is worth my time and money. I think retaining function and flexibility in implementation after 30 years of life is a pretty good indicator of quality and reliability of your products.

- James H
Hampton Services and Products LLC

I have purchased from AMC for over 20 years now and have always had good service and been very happy with any interactions I have had with anyone there.

- Aaron D
Dirks Instruments LLC