Happy 4th of July from ADVANCED Motion Controls!

From everyone at the ADVANCED Motion Controls team, happy Fourth of July!

ADVANCED Motion Controls was founded in 1987 on a kitchen table in Van Nuys, California. We started out with one simple goal: to be the best servo drive company in the world. Not the biggest, but the best.

Now with over 86,000 square feet at our headquarters in Camarillo, CA, we pride ourselves on maintaining all of our design, manufacturing, and sales operations in-house. By keeping total control over our production and design, we ensure that every product is created to be of the highest value for your business.

Even prototypes are built on the same lines as our production units. They’re built by the same production machines, same production personnel, and same production process. This means when you receive a prototype for testing, it will function exactly the same as a production unit. Complete control of our processes should give you complete peace of mind.

To top it off, our industry experience ensures that you get the features and performance that you need for your application.  Our designs are based on years of experience across many industries and chances are we have already solved your application or ones very similar to it.

As we move forward we will continue our goal to be the best servo drive company and your best supplier.
Thank you for choosing us! Now, go out, get that grill started, and spend some time with your family and loved ones! Happy Fourth of July!