AMC’s Mike Nicholls: IEEE Product Safety Engineering Society’s new President Elect

Mike Nicholls IEEE Product Safety Engineering Society President ElectADVANCED Motion Controls’ very own Mike Nicholls is now the IEEE Product Safety Engineering Society President Elect.

IEEE is the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. They connect people from around the globe for the betterment of the electronics industries and the world. Their Product Safety Engineering Society is focused on techniques, practices, and innovations that make electrical products safer for everyone.

Mike will serve a one year term as the President Elect before assuming the roll and duties of President for a two year term. In this time, he will work closely with the current Society President, Stefan Mozar. As he prepares for his two year Presidential term, Mike may also step in for the President on occasion if necessary.

In addition, Mike will be attending IEEE training seminars, TAB and other meetings, and training in Robert’s Rules of Order. Mike will also now be an ex-officio member of almost every committee within the Society.

As a motion control company that has manufactured electronic components for decades, we couldn’t be more proud to have one of our own in such a prestigious role. Mike has been with ADVANCED Motion Controls for over two decades, always setting the example as a team player with a big heart and strong work ethic. We can’t think of anyone more deserving of this position. Congratulations Mike!