DigiFlex® Performance™ - New Power Level Added (100B080)

ADVANCED Motion Controls is excited to offer our new 100B080 power level for off-the-shelf availability! Including all the powerful and intuitive features of our DigiFlex® Performance™ series of servo drives, the 100B080 power level also comes standard with Safe Torque Off (STO) functionality. Targeted towards AGVs and mobile robotics, the 100B080 power level provides the necessary capabilities for a wide variety of applications.

Power specifications for the new 100B080 drives:

  • 100 A Peak Current Output
  • 60 A Continuous Current Output
  • 20 - 80 VDC Supply Voltage

Network compatibility includes CANopen, EtherCAT, POWERLINK, Modbus TCP/RTU, Ethernet, and RS485.

Available models: