DriveWare® 7.4.2 Released with Stepper Motor Support

DriveWare 7.4.2Today, we at ADVANCED Motion Controls are excited to announce our latest release of DriveWare®, version 7.4.2.

About DriveWare®

DriveWare® is our free software tool that allows users to set drive limits, tune the control loops, configure various types of feedback, auto-commutate, analyze signals over a built-in multi-channel oscilloscope, and more. Because of it’s powerful capabilities and user friendly interface, DriveWare® remains the best way to commission and configure our DigiFlex® Performance™ series drives.

What’s New?

The biggest update to DriveWare® 7.4.2 is the expanded support for stepper-motors, adding them to the motor type selection list. The new interface makes it easy to configure closed-loop steppers while streamlined algorithms make autocommutation 75% faster. DigiFlex® Performance™ servo drives can operate two-phase and three-phase steppers in addition to rotary and linear permanent magnet, brushed, and brushless servo motors.

If you already have a DigiFlex® Performance™ servo drive, you may be wondering if you will need new hardware to drive stepper motors. The answer is no. Digital drives with older versions of firmware will be compatible after a firmware update upon connecting to DriveWare®. This update allows all of our DigiFlex® Performance™ series drives to run two-phase stepper motors, so there is no need to purchase any new hardware if you already have drives available. Please contact us and we’ll show you how to run stepper motors with your drive.

In addition to stepper motors, we’ve also added support for CANopen RPDO 27 and RPDO 28 for DPCANIA and DPCANTA drives, allowing better adjustment of acceleration and maximum velocity to achieve softer motor startups.

The latest version of DriveWare® is backwards-compatible with project files for older versions and will update them accordingly upon startup, so there’s no need to worry about losing access to your projects after updating.

Get DriveWare®

Customers can download the latest DriveWare® – including all firmware, associated files, and up-to-date documentation – for free here!