EtherNet/IP® Servo Drives that Fit in the Palm of Your Hand

Unfortunately, there are very few low-voltage, compact EtherNet/IP® servo drive solutions on the market. This presents a problem for engineers who want to incorporate EtherNet/IP on their low voltage mobile applications.

Fortunately, compact servo drives are our specialty, so we're releasing three new FlexPro® servo drives with support for EtherNet/IP.

Perfect for Mobile Robots

4 PCB Servo Drive control units on mounting pcb inside mobile robotWith our new FlexPro drives, engineers now have options for using EtherNet/IP in motion applications at voltage ranges as low as 10-55 VDC. With current outputs as high as 25 amps continuous and 50 amps peak, that makes these servo drives perfect for battery powered mobile applications.

Their compact footprint, 38.1 x 25.4 mm (1.5 x 1 in) allows them to be integrated elegantly into designs without adding excess weight or bulk. The form factor mates directly to your PCB design, saving additional space while also reducing errors due to wiring.

With several options available, you can mix and match the right servo drive power levels into your own hybrid multi-axis solution.

Product Models

FE060-5-IPM FlexPro® Servo Drive


5 amps continuous
10 amps peak
10-55 VDC

FE060-10-IPM FlexPro® Servo Drive


10 amps continuous
20 amps peak
10-55 VDC

FE060-25-IPM small


25 amps continuous
50 amps peak
10-55 VDC

Get the Right Servo Drive

Don't compromise your design to accommodate a servo drive. Get a servo drive that's perfect for your design.

See all of our EtherNet/IP compatible servo drives here or browse our entire servo drive offering!

Still don't see what you need? Not a problem. We're happy to help you develop a custom servo drive that's made especially for your EtherNet/IP system.

Contact us about requesting a custom solution or if you have further questions about EtherNet/IP compatible servo drives. We can arrange a call or visit to our facility.