Our facility in Camarillo California is ITAR registered and compliant. ITAR stands for International Traffic in Arms Regulations.

Will ITAR Registration be a Problem for Exporting to International Customers?


There is no problem with us exporting our products because none of our standard products are controlled by ITAR. There has never been an issue with exporting our products for the simple reason that our products don't fall within ITAR.

Then Why is ADVANCED Motion Controls Registered as an ITAR Facility?

Our facility is ITAR registered for the convenience of our US based customers that supply to the military. ITAR registration allows us to develop special projects with them as well as test their sensitive components and machines at our facility. We improve their development time while making it easier for them to remain ITAR compliant.

Our goal is to be an extension of our customer's engineering team, and our ITAR registration greatly streamlines the development process for certain customers.

ITAR Documentation