Join us at SLAS 2020!

For the first time, ADVANCED Motion Controls will be attending the SLAS Exhibition. From January 27 to January 29, you can find us at booth #548 at the San Diego Convention Center, participating in the west coast’s greatest laboratory automation exhibition and conference.

SLAS stands for the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening. It is a community of over 16,000 scientists, engineers, researchers, and teachers from around the globe whose efforts promote education, breed new research and discoveries, and push the envelope of innovation. Their annual exhibitions and conferences bring together thousands of experts and companies to drive the industry forward.

We’ll be showcasing our FlexPro™ servo drives, Click&Move® control system, and other motion control products whose power, precision, and reliability are why AMC is preferred by so many in the laboratory automation field.

Why does the laboratory automation industry require such cutting-edge motion control? Take apheresis systems, for example. Apheresis systems use continuous blood flow collection and centrifugation technology to separate and leukoreduce platelets, plasma, and red blood cells typically to remove antibodies in treating autoimmune diseases. This life critical extracorporeal therapy medical technology takes the patient’s blood, passes it through the machine and returns the remainder to the patient. AMC servo drives allow for reliable operation and carefully controlled centrifuge speed that allows successful blood separation without sample destruction.

In addition, AMC drives are also used in automated assay machines that deposit various bio-technic,-logic,-chemical liquid samples to the wells of assay trays in a controlled, automated manner for large-scale testing and analysis. Our drives deliver precise, repeatable, and reliable position control for filling thousands of tiny wells without any spills or overflows.

Laboratory automation is an important part of our business, so we’re thrilled to be joining the community at this year’s SLAS exhibition. We can’t wait to see you there!

  • Where: San Diego Convention Center – San Diego, CA – Booth #548
  • When:

    • Mon. January 27 (10:00 AM -6:00 PM)
    • Tues. January 28 (9:30 AM – 6:00 PM)
    • Wed. January 29 (9:00 AM – 1:00 PM)

Registration and Discounts

For a 25% discount on expo admission, use our personalized link to register for SLAS2020.