PCB Mount
DigiFlex Performance
Product Status: Active
Current Continuous (A) 12.5
Current Peak (A) 25
DC Supply Voltage (VDC) 40 - 175
Network Communication CANopen
Size (mm) 76.2 x 50.8 x 22.9
Weight (g) 123

The DZCANTE-025L200 DigiFlex® Performance™ pcb mount servo drive offers full tuning control of all servo loops and is designed for distributed or centralized servo systems. This servo drive utilizes CANopen® communication and is commissioned with DriveWare® via an RS-232 interface.


  • ±10 V Analog
  • Encoder Following
  • Indexing
  • Jogging
  • Over the Network
  • PWM and Direction
  • Sequencing


  • ±10 VDC Position
  • Halls
  • Incremental Encoder
  • Tachometer (±10 VDC)


  • Interpolated Position Mode (PVT)
  • Profile Modes
  • Cyclic Synchronous Modes
  • Current
  • Position
  • Velocity


  • Three Phase (Brushless)
  • Single Phase (Brushed)
  • AC Induction
  • Stepper

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Software Downloads

  • SW-003 Quick start-up guide for DriveWare® 7
  • SW-004 Release notes for latest version of DriveWare® 7 software
  • SW-005 Configuration software for DigiFlex® Performance™ digital servo drives
  • SW-006 User Manual for DriveWare® 7 software

Application Notes

  • AN-001 Performance and benefits comparison between CANOpen, RS232
  • AN-003 Digiflex® Performance™ Drive Peak Current Recovery
  • AN-004 RS232 Connection for CAN or Synqnet® Drives
  • AN-005 CANOpen Network CAN Bus Cabling Guide
  • AN-008 Circuit design recommendations for interfacing with DigiFlex Performance PCB mount drives
  • AN-010 PVT Trajectory Generation
  • AN-012 CANopen PVT Example
  • AN-023 Ferrite Recommendations
  • AN-027 Motion Engine, configure internal motion generator for indexing and sequences
  • AN-028 Mode Switching, hot switch between modes and gain settings for select digital drives
  • AN-030 AC Induction Current Loop Tuning
  • AN-034 Programmable Limit Switch (PLS) Examples
  • AN-035 Sequencing Overview and Examples
  • AN-037 Stepper Motor Setup Process
  • AN-039 Connectivity Between Dynomotion and <em>ADVANCED</em> Motion Controls\' Servo Drives
  • AN-041 Digiflex® Performance™ Drives in High-Speed Applications
  • AN-050 Troubleshooting USB and RS232 Connection Issues

Instructional Videos

  • VidInst-002 Commutate a brushless motor using the DriveWare® 7 Autocommutation feature
  • VidInst-003 Tune the current loop on DigiFlex® Performance™ servo drives
  • VidInst-004 Basic overview of DriveWare® 7 configuration software
  • VidInst-010 Configuring Position around Velocity and Position around Current with a DigiFlex® Performance™ Servo Drive

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