Product Status: Active
Size (mm) 219.96 x 99.95 x 11.04
Weight (g) 127

The MACCIO3 module features the necessary digital I/O’s to support up to six position mode servo or stepper drives with Step/Dir command input. A cost-effective and high performance motion control system can be built using the hardware resources of the MACC on-board FPGA and the software resources of the Click&Move® software development environment.

  • 12 optocoupled digital inputs
  • 2 high speed differential optocoupled digital inputs
  • 12 optocoupled digital outputs
  • 12 high-speed RS422 differential digital inputs (2 per axis – galvanic isolation population option)
  • 24 high-speed RS422 differential digital outputs (4 per axis – galvanic isolation population option)
  • 4 independent encoder inputs supporting encoders or handwheels

    Software Downloads

    Application Notes

    • AN-052 Click&Move® - G-code Reference Guide
    • AN-053 Using the SMEM to Interact with Click&Move®
    • AN-054 Preparing a Linux System for Click&Move® Compatibility
    • AN-057 Click&Move® - Two Axis EtherCAT Field Bus MACC Tutorial

    Instructional Videos

    • VidInst-001 Basic overview of Click&Move soft motion and automation
    • VidInst-006 Tutorial to program a simple single axis machine and HMI.

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