Program Overview

About University Outreach

The purpose of the University Outreach program is to get ADVANCED Motion Controls servo drives into the hands of future engineers and further the educational process in motion control. The ADVANCED Motion Controls University Outreach program has been successful in hundreds of projects since 2004. Users gain valuable hands-on experience with high performance motion control equipment on various projects in support of their personal or organizational mission.

“Let me say that the AMC servo amps were probably the most reliable parts of the whole rig! We had plenty of headroom in terms of current and no problems with precision. We are very grateful for the discount that AMC gave us on the servo amps and we couldn't have done it without them!” - Buddy Michini, MIT

From the very beginning

ADVANCED Motion Controls has partnered with many in academia including: professors, researchers, and students by providing products for those requiring motion control equipment. In doing this, ADVANCED Motion Controls receives plenty of satisfaction merely by assisting in the overall education. Our objective is to ease as much as feasible the financial burdens that come with establishing practicality while attempting to prove theory or ideas.

There are a minimal set of criteria to agree upon beforehand to be considered for support under the University Outreach program.

  • A complete description of the project with anticipated hardware / support needs must be submitted.
  • Confirmation that ADVANCED Motion Controls can be listed as a sponsor in some manner throughout the activities of the project.
  • An update as to the project's outcome.

Once initiated, we would be pleased to fulfill the request with either greatly cost-reduced or completely donated equipment. This will be up to the discretion of ADVANCED Motion Controls based on the project's contribution and financial need. Upon mutual agreement, it would be a simple matter of placing the equipment order on your respective educational institution's letterhead stating the intention and requesting the materials. No further paperwork will be necessary.

To get started with University Outreach, please complete the Sponsorship Form.