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Why Choose a Servo Drive vs a VFD?

Servo Drives and VFDs are both used in machines to drive motors and control motion.  They seem like they do the same thing, so why choose a servo drive vs a VFD? Some Background On Servo Drives and VFDs Traditionally, servo drives work with permanent magnet motors and are used in applications that need precise

Servo Drive Basics

“We design and build servo drives for motion control systems.” That’s an answer we might give when someone asks “What does ADVANCED Motion Controls do?” For some people, that’s all they need to know. For others, it might raise more questions than answers. We have to remember that not everyone has a background in motion

When Should You Get a Custom Servo Drive?

Finding a standard servo drive that checks all the boxes for your application can sometimes be difficult, making a custom servo drive a better alternative. You’ve searched the internet and talked to every servo drive manufacturer, but you just can’t find a servo drive with all of the features that you need.  What’s going on?

6 Cool Servo Drive Features You Might Not Know About

Servo drives have evolved far beyond the basic power amplifiers they once were. They can now be complex pieces of electronic equipment with dozens of additional features to expand upon and improve their motion control capabilities. We’ve compiled a list of a few servo drive features that are, in our professional opinion, really cool. How

5 Rules of Thumb When Selecting a Servo Drive

Increase your success when selecting a servo drive by following a few rules of thumb. In the world of servo systems, there are two kinds of problems you might run into: Problems that are discovered early and can be addressed before they get to the customer. Problems that are discovered late — after production starts

Servo Drive Trends for 2021

We talk about the upcoming trends in servo drives every year and I have to say, 2020 really didn’t turn out the way we expected.  It wasn’t all bad though.  We were able to eke out a few milestones and continue moving forward with new designs, but with 2020 out of the way we think

FlexPro Servo Drives for Machine Embedded Applications

If you’re looking for a servo drive that is compact, has a high power density, and is easy to install, look no further than FlexPro “FM” line of machine embedded servo drives. Here is an overview of the FlexPro FM060-10-EM in just one minute… (and 14 seconds…shhh) Let’s get to it! Quick Specs and More

Detailed Look at the FE060-25-EM Servo Drive

We’re changing things up and doing this blog post as a video, aka a vlog.  We’ll be taking a closer look at the FE060-25-EM EtherCAT servo drive.  One of the things that’s hard for our customers to grasp is how small these servo drives are yet they don’t sacrifice on power, performance or features.  We’re

How to Set Up and Configure an Analog Servo Drive

In the age of digital servo drives that use PC based configuration tools, analog servo drives still have a place in motion control systems.  While digital drives use configuration software and an on-screen interface, analog servo drives use switches and potentiometers. You can read more about the differences between analog and digital servo drives here.

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