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Servo Drive Trends for 2023

It sure doesn’t feel like it, but this is our fifth year publishing our report on servo drive trends! Since our first Servo Drive Trends in 2019, we’ve steadily filled out our FlexPro offering with 80 models covering a wide range of power and capabilities. This year in 2023 we will continue to expand the

Product Spotlight: 60-Amp Continuous FlexPro® Servo Drives!

“There’s no way.” “You’re pulling my leg.” “How is that possible?” “I’m sorry, you said six-TEEN right?” These are the things people say when we tell them our little 1.5 x 1 inch FlexPro® servo drive has a 60-amp continuous current rating at 10-55 VDC. While the disbelief is understandable, there’s no deception here; we’ve

Why Are There Different Servo Drive Form Factors?

Servo drives of various form factors We say it all the time: Servo drives come in all shapes and sizes. Oftentimes, a key part of deciding which servo drive to use for your application is deciding which form factor to use. Which raises the question… What exactly is a form factor? Form factor is a

Micro-Sized Servo Drives: Big Things in Small Packages

A Shrinking Feeling Gordon Moore, creator of Moore’s Law Right now, chances are you’re carrying a smartphone less than a centimeter thick with more processing power than the computers that were used to guide the astronauts to the moon. How did we get here? In 1965, Intel co-founder Gordon Moore stated that the number of

Servo Drive Trends for 2022

It’s time again for our annual review of the latest servo drive trends for the upcoming year.  As with recent years, the servo drive trends for 2022 are being driven by industry demands for more power and better performance. Mobile robotics and electric mobility continue to lead the charge when it comes to pushing the

Why Choose a Servo Drive vs a VFD?

Servo Drives and VFDs are both used in machines to drive motors and control motion.  They seem like they do the same thing, so why choose a servo drive vs a VFD? Some Background On Servo Drives and VFDs Traditionally, servo drives work with permanent magnet motors and are used in applications that need precise

Servo Drive Basics

“We design and build servo drives for motion control systems.” That’s an answer we might give when someone asks “What does ADVANCED Motion Controls do?” For some people, that’s all they need to know. For others, it might raise more questions than answers. We have to remember that not everyone has a background in motion

When Should You Get a Custom Servo Drive?

Finding a standard servo drive that checks all the boxes for your application can sometimes be difficult, making a custom servo drive a better alternative. You’ve searched the internet and talked to every servo drive manufacturer, but you just can’t find a servo drive with all of the features that you need.  What’s going on?

6 Cool Servo Drive Features You Might Not Know About

Servo drives have evolved far beyond the basic power amplifiers they once were. They can now be complex pieces of electronic equipment with dozens of additional features to expand upon and improve their motion control capabilities. We’ve compiled a list of a few servo drive features that are, in our professional opinion, really cool. How

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