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Servo Drives for the Entertainment Industry | ADVANCED Motion Controls

The entertainment industry blends an unconventional mix of art, physics and engineering to create experiences that viewers will never forget. Behind the scenes of your favorite movies, plays, and rides, motion control applications are actively assisting in creating unforgettable moments that you might not even realize. So what do movie studios and amusement parks use

Power Factor Correction | Cleaner and More Efficient Power

The primary responsibility of a power supply is to convert AC voltage to DC voltage. Most electronic devices you plug into the wall require this. But when linear supplies have a low power factor, it can introduce harmonic current into the system. With enough devices hooked up to a grid, the cumulative effect of this

Best in Breed Solution | Endless Options for Motion Controls

When searching for components for your motion control application, don’t settle for a packaged solution that doesn’t offer the customization and modularity  that you require. Choose the best components for your application with a “best in breed” solution. What does best in breed mean? There are two schools of thought for purchasing motion control equipment.

Position Feedback | What You Need to Know

In many motion control applications, such as robotics and automated manufacturing, tracking shaft position is critical to ensuring the smooth operation of the devices at work. One of the best solutions is the implementation of position feedback in encoders to account for precise positioning at any point during shaft rotation. Feedback is simply a signal

Servo Drives for Gantry Systems | Benefits Explained

While often simple in appearance, gantry systems require a sophisticated design with linear motors and servo drives to operate with high speed and precision. Whether it’s a low travel gantry system or a fully automated, high acceleration model, servo control solutions provide the precision, speed, and intelligence necessary to power your application. What is a

Analog and Digital: Which is the Way to Go?

ADVANCED Motion Controls began with a few simple analog servo drives that were designed on a kitchen table in 1987. Later in the 90s, we began manufacturing our very own line of off-the-shelf digital servo drives for more sophisticated applications. Nowadays, we offer custom servo drives and off-the-shelf products for virtually every industry, from autonomous

Motor Controllers for Autonomous Mobile Robots

For over half of a century, automated-guided vehicles have been found on warehouse floors transporting freight and assisting personnel in various back breaking tasks. Now, new innovations in autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are promising even more potential to manufacturers by offering new and exciting opportunities in automation. With such sophisticated technology and infrastructure, AMRs rely

DriveLibrary API Makes it Easy to Control Servo Drives

Only some sevo drives on the market can truly operate as a stand-alone smart drive. As a result, businesses typically require more technically advanced motion controllers to operate their drives. You’ll find plenty of third-party motion controllers on the market, as well as AMC’s Click&Move Control Software, which can control servo drives over a variety

Servo Drives for Cobots | What are They & Top Benefits

A cobot or co-robot is a collaborative robot that is intended to work and interact with humans in a shared work space. Whereas robots work autonomously to complete tasks, cobots are able to interact with humans to complete tasks harmoniously. Cobots were initially developed without motive power to provide a safe work environment with humans,