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Types of Motors in Motion Control

We might not manufacture motors at ADVANCED Motion Controls, but we work with them every day and build servo drives to make them run, so you might say we know a thing or two about them. We take a lot of pride in being able to serve any application, and that means we have a

Motion Control in 3D Printing

3D printing used to be an abstract concept. It was something out of science fiction. Or it was what a child thought would happen when they put their favorite toy under the lid of their parent’s copier and expected another one to come out…no? Just me? Today, 3D printing is very much a real thing.

Servo Drive Trends for 2019

The year is half over and it seems like a great time to review the servo drive trends we’ve seen so far in 2019 and to go over what we expect to see for the rest of the year. Latest Trends Smaller Miniaturization has been an ongoing trend for at least 15 years and so

Servo Control for Military and Aerospace Applications

Above all else, military and aerospace equipment needs to be reliable and responsive when in the line of duty. Because of this, ADVANCED Motion Controls® has become a trusted motion control supplier for many defense contractors. Using logic controls, robust system architectures, and custom-built servo drives, our products offer the defense industry far more flexibility

Click&Move®: Automated Servo Control System

Click&Move Automation

Automation is the way of the future,  and it relies heavily on the motion control industry. That’s why ADVANCED Motion Controls® offers an automation architecture designed to answer the growing complexities of motion control systems. At first glance, Click&Move looks like a software package. It’s not just software; it’s a complete control system. What Can

Servo Drives for the Medical Industry

Servo drives for medical devices need to meet stringent requirements to be cleared to work in hospitals. That’s why ADVANCED Motion Controls manufactures servo drives for MRI and diagnostic imaging that are a breed apart. Medical devices and the servo drives installed in them need to meet high standards. Primarily, servo drives must be reliable

What is On-the-fly Mode Switching?

When dealing with a digital servo drive system, the last thing you want is network bus traffic and interference impeding your machine’s ability to operate efficiently. Smart servo drives can take the load off the controller and the network by closing the feedback loops on their end instead. However, different tasks are best suited for

You Design The Machine; We’ll Take Care of the Servo Control

Servo drives are not simple pieces of equipment, and they certainly aren’t everyone’s game. Some machine-building companies think they can save money by designing their own servo drives in-house, but the time and monetary investment often isn’t worth it. In many cases, we’ve seen these companies come to us because their own design lacked the

DriveWare: Your One-Stop Drive Configuration Tool

You can’t afford to be bogged down in the technical aspects of configuring your digital servo drive, especially if they aren’t your area of expertise. Servo drive configuration can be quite complicated and oftentimes require multiple trials to identify and rectify problems in commutation, tuning, etc. Any downtime spent trying to configure and troubleshoot a

Servo Drives for the Entertainment Industry | ADVANCED Motion Controls

The entertainment industry blends an unconventional mix of art, physics and engineering to create experiences that viewers will never forget. Behind the scenes of your favorite movies, plays, and rides, motion control applications are actively assisting in creating unforgettable moments that you might not even realize. So what do movie studios and amusement parks use

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