Custom and Modified Solutions

At ADVANCED Motion Controls, we understand that some customers need more than what's available in a standard product, and we pride ourselves in being one of the few manufacturers willing to make custom design changes.  As a solutions provider, we regularly design affordable custom products optimized for OEM's specific needs. Products modified from our standard offering can be accomplished in as little as a few weeks, while full custom products starting with a completely new design can be achieved in a few months.  For extended projects, we work at the customer’s pace where we provide feedback and input as the machine design evolves, then supply an appropriate solution once the specifications are finalized; we always strive to accommodate our customer’s needs.


Custom Solutions

Customizations can include complete re-designs with specified connectors, special shapes or sizes, specific functionality, private labeled products and more.

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Modified Products

Modified products involve minor component changes to achieve the desired functionality while leaving the PCB unchanged.

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