Modified Servo Drives

ADVANCED Motion Controls’ offering of off-the-shelf products encompasses a wide range of power, performance, and design considerations. However, sometimes a few minor adjustments to a standard product can be beneficial to make things just right for a specific application without the need to invest in a fully-custom solution.  A modified solution can quickly be realized and greatly increase machine performance. Best of all, we’ll do it for you!

For years, ADVANCED Motion Controls has happily produced and sold modified versions of our off-the-shelf servo drive products. In fact, modified servo drives make up approximately a third of our business.  Whether it’s a tweak to the drive’s loop tuning or a the customer’s logo silkscreen printed on the cover, small modifications guarantee everyone gets a solution that is specifically tailored to them.

With simple modifications, the cost per unit can be near parity with standard products. As quantities go up, the difference will be less. Also, some options are available that may actually make the modified design cost less than the standard. For example, some customers like their units without the servo drive cover, which reduces the material cost.

Please Contact Us if you’re interested in a modified version of any of our standard products! We’d be happy to help!

Examples of Modified Products and Options

  • Tuning to a Specific Machine
  • Gain Adjustments
  • Current Limits and Voltage Limits
  • Temperature, Shock, and IP Considerations
  • Conformal Coating
  • Silkscreen Branding
  • Inverted Inhibit Logic
  • Quick disconnect, and many more!

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