DriveWare: Your One-Stop Drive Configuration Tool

DriveWare SoftwareYou can’t afford to be bogged down in the technical aspects of configuring your digital servo drive, especially if they aren’t your area of expertise.

Servo drive configuration can be quite complicated and oftentimes require multiple trials to identify and rectify problems in commutation, tuning, etc.

Any downtime spent trying to configure and troubleshoot a bad robotic arm, printer, or any machine part is money lost- not to mention sacrificing your products and equipment running an improperly tuned part.

Our philosophy is simple: any friction we can alleviate in the design and functionality of your motion control products should be rectified with simple solutions. Call it Occam’s razor.

That’s why we created our DriveWare software to serve as your one-stop shop solution for troubleshooting and configuring all DigiFlex Performance servo drives.

DriveWare 7 is a free software solution designed with a simple interface to offer more control and convenience in commissioning your DigiFlex Performance Series Drives. Configure drive limits, event handling, and much more with ease for all ADVANCED Motion Control DigiFlex Performance drives.

But don’t judge a book by its cover. Inside this simple interface comes advanced features that put performance and granularity to the test.

Easy Tuning and Commutation

DriveWare InterfaceOur latest DriveWare 7 software is ideal for tuning any off inputs in your servo drive or feedback device, including:

  • Current Loop
  • Velocity Loop
  • Position Loop

Adjusting proportional, integral, and derivative (PID) gains for loop tuning ensures your servo drive remains responsive to your method of control. With built-in oscilloscope and event monitoring, DriveWare 7 can analyze drive responses and compare them to target commands to adjust gains accordingly.

DriveWare is also equipped with all the necessary tools for properly commutating your motor with your available feedback. AutoComm, our “magic wand” feature designed to automatically commutate based on your detected or entered parameters. Manual Commutation and Advanced Commutation are also available for those who wish to do things by hand or perform advanced analysis.

DriveWare Features

DriveWare IndexDriveWare 7 lets you take control over tuning your servo drive by taking control of tasks at hand. Configuration includes:

  • Indexing
  • Sequencing
  • Motion Panel Execution

DriveWare 7 allows controllers to configure 16 unique Index Tasks and 16 sequencing tasks for power up and other tasks based on these indexes and other control functions. The Motion Panel then accounts for these indexes to execute tasks.

Index motion profiles can either be absolute or relative based on the values defined under position, velocity, etc. Using these indexes the Motion Panel can execute tasks, as well as incorporate PVT motion profiles and dynamic indexes for a greater latitude of tasks. These can be stored in the drive to be activated by your controller, but they can also be run directly from DriveWare with its buillt-in Motion Engine.

Testing the indexes and sequences within DriveWare allows operators to properly tune their devices to prevent any processing errors and operate their servo drives at full responsiveness.

Regular Updates

DriveWare Version 7.4.2One thing that separates DriveWare 7 from most other drive configurations on the market is its continual iterative development. With regular updates to our software, we can improve your experience and add more features that keep up with the latest demands in motion control.

For example, the ability to configure stepper motors is a brand new feature to DriveWare 7.4.2 and has offered our customers far greater latitude and control over their products. With new features being released regularly, we configure our products to offer the best experiences available on the market.

Take the Wheel and Drive

DriveWare Digital Servo Drives

With an all-in-one servo drive configuration, you can take back control of your motion control needs and prevent downtime from festering at your operation.

To start, simply set drive and motion parameters, tune your loop gains, and get your motion application up and running. You can download DriveWare here (scroll down to software tab).