±10V Analog

±10V command signals were the standard method to control servo drives for many years. This analog signal varies continuously over the -10V to +10V range where the output of the servo drive (either current or velocity) is proportional to the input command.  A +10V command produces full positive output, -10V produces full negative output, and ±10V Analog

0-5 V / 0-5 kW

0-5 V and 0-5 kΩ command inputs are designed to work with throttle controls in electric mobility applications. Compatible off-the-shelf products such as electronic floor pedals, hand controls, joysticks and more are readily available from 3rd party suppliers. Advantages Compatible with off-the-shelf throttle controls Offers command flexibility as the input can be configured for single-ended 0-5 V / 0-5 kW

4-20 mA

For industrial process control instruments, analog 4-20mA current loops are commonly used for analog signaling.  4 mA represents the lowest end of the range and 20 mA the highest. Advantages Accuracy of the signal is not affected by voltage drop in the interconnecting wire because the transmitter will maintain the proper current even if there 4-20 mA