0-5 V / 0-5 kW

0-5 V and 0-5 kΩ command inputs are designed to work with throttle controls in electric mobility applications. Compatible off-the-shelf products such as electronic floor pedals, hand controls, joysticks and more are readily available from 3rd party suppliers.



  • Compatible with off-the-shelf throttle controls
  • Offers command flexibility as the input can be configured for single-ended or wigwag input ranges with standard or inverse orientation
  • Single-ended configuration ensures unidirectional control
  • Wigwag configuration allows bi-directional operation without the need for a bi-polar supply

ADVANCED Motion Controls' Capabilities

  • Vehicle mount drives have the option for 0-5 V and 0-5 kΩ commands in addition to other features targeted towards electric mobility
  • If preferred, servo drives with the vehicle mount form-factor are also available with standard industrial commands and features

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