Introducing FM FlexPro™ Drives!

The FlexPro™ family continues to grow with the addition of the "machine embedded" FM drives. The new FM drives are just like our previously released FE drives, but this time they with convenient connectors that make them easy to hook up to any system using standard cabling.

FlexPro is our newest servo drive family. This new generation of drives incorporates our most intelligent motor control technology into compact packages with high power density.

fm060-xx-em_IMG_3843 - reduced

The FM060-5-EM and FM060-10-EM feature screw terminals for power.

IMG_3852-cleaned with wire coloring cropped

The higher power FM060-25-EM features flying leads pre-soldered to the board.

Size (mm) 51 x 25 x 26 51 x 25 x 26 51 x 25 x 26
Size (in) 2 x 1 x 1 2 x 1 x 1 2 x 1 x 1
Input Voltage 10-55 VDC 10-55 VDC 10-55 VDC
Peak Current Output 50 A 20 A 10 A
Cont. Current Output 25 A rms 10 A rms 5 A rms


  • Easily configured with USB-C connection
  • 14W peak power dissipation - less heat generated at peak power
  • EtherCAT communication
  • BiSS-C and incremental encoder feedback

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