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Download ACE™ below in the Software section.

ACE™ (ADVANCED Motion Controls Configuration Environment) is free commissioning and configuration software for FlexPro™ servo drives. All drive limits, control loops (current, velocity, and position), and event handling are configured in ACE™.

Current ACE™ release is 1.2019.3 BETA

Download ACE™ below in the Software section.


Software Downloads

  • SW-010 Configuration software for FlexPro™ digital servo drives
  • SW-011 User Manual for ACE™ software
  • SW-012 Quick start-up guide for FlexPro™ servo drives
  • SW-013 Release notes for latest version of ACE™ software

Application Notes

  • AN-027 Motion Engine, configure internal motion generator for indexing and sequences
  • AN-035 Sequencing Overview and Examples

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