ADVANCED Motion Controls offers software and hardware motion control solutions.


Click&Move® is a complete automation solution designed for OEMs, systems integrators and end users. It can include motion control, PLC logic, local and/or networked I/O, as well as HMI functionality. Offering a variety of target platforms including stand-alone drives, dedicated MACC hardware or Windows-based PC's solutions can be simple, single axis with minimal I/O interfacing to very complex, multi-axes applications for a real-time operating system.


DriveLibraryTM is a high-level interface that delivers the full advantages of high-speed networking and distribution of control for developers of motion control solutions. The DriveLibrary API defines a collection of control functions that have been time-tested and proven to support the majority of motion control applications. DriveLibrary applications are written and developed in C++.

Motion Engine (DriveWare®)

Motion Engine is embedded motion control functionality in all DigiFlexTM Performance® servo drives. These features provide greater flexibility by distributing motion control behavior to the drive for stand-alone operation or by offloading motion trajectory calculations from other controllers such as: PAC's, PC's, PLC's,  HMI's, etc. Complete configuration for motion, events and I/O interfacing is available through DriveWare® software.

MACC Controllers

The Motion Automation Control Card (MACC) family comprises stand-alone general purpose motion/automation controllers programmed with ADVANCED Motion Controls’ Click&Move® IDE Software.