Servo Drives for the Medical Industry

servo drive controlled patient ventilatorServo drives for medical devices need to meet stringent requirements to be cleared to work in hospitals. That’s why ADVANCED Motion Controls manufactures servo drives for MRI and diagnostic imaging that are a breed apart.

Medical devices and the servo drives installed in them need to meet high standards. Primarily, servo drives must be reliable enough to maintain operation of medical devices without downtime. When lives are on the line, unexpected downtime can be catastrophic. In addition, servo drives must be able to provide smooth controlled motion to avoid causing harm or discomfort to patients.

ADVANCED Motion Controls servo drives can be found in lots of common medical applications you may be unaware of including:

  • patient handling tables
  • patient breathing ventilation
  • portable artificial hearts
  • bone saws
  • contrast injection

With sophisticated designs, smooth network operation, and guaranteed reliability, ADVANCED Motion Control’s digital servo drives offer the flexibility and support that the healthcare industry needs to ensure smooth operation, low costs, and well-treated patients.

Off-the-Shelf Capabilities

panel mount servo drive for medicalWhen deciding between any of our prefabricated products, customers can choose between a wide range of network channels for their servo drive including, Ethernet TCP/IP, EtherCAT, POWERLink, CANopen, SPI, and many more.

Our wide range of power inputs is also suited specifically for the requirements of the medical industry, among others. We offer a wide selection of models to meet power supply requirements from 20-800VDC or 90-460VAC.

Furthermore, our wide selection of servo drives allows you to run machinery that’s big, small, or anywhere in between. With output current ratings that range from 100mA to 100A and more, we surely have a drive that will meet your output power requirement.

For smaller medical equipment, we offer we offer PCB mount servo drives that fit in tight spaces. For larger devices we offer panel mount designs that fit on the frame or in a cabinet.

With our wide product selection, you can find the servo drive and equipment that meets your specifications. If not, we even offer custom designs to match your exact requirements.

Custom Designs for More Specialized Operations

custom servo drive for medicalOur custom designs are designed to meet your exact requirements for performance, features and fit. They work with almost any type of motor your device is using, including servo motors, stepper motors, linear motors, permanent magnet motors, and induction motors

In meeting the requirements of the medical industries, we offer servo drives designed to help machines meet the IEC (or UL) 60601-1 medical equipment standard. This covers things such as short circuit protection, electrical isolation, fire safety.

For electrical noise reduction for medical imaging and MRI devices, we even manufacture servo drives designed to help machines meet FCC Class B conducted and emission standards. Although we offer standard digital servo drives as well that meet these standards on their own.

Meeting the Needs of the Medical Industry

Our servo drives come specially outfitted for many application-specific tasks. For example, our servo drives are easily used with emitter/detector pairs for X-ray and gamma ray imaging.

MRI with servo drive controlBasically, an emitter is mounted to one arm and a detector is mounted to another. Both arms share a common X axis and the machine operates by positioning the emitter on one side of the patient and the detector on the other.

The arms can follow an arbitrary path in space with an accuracy of 1 mm during motion. The motion path of one arm can actively follow the other using reverse kinematic calculations on-the-fly to maintain parallelism and geometric tolerances.

Medical imaging has its own special requirements for dynamic gyroscopic motion and other operational capacities. The device’s motion systems must minimize electrical noise so as to not interfere with the application at hand.

servo drive controlled patient tableOur drives have been used to control 7 axes of coordinated motion for patient handling tables. With this, a patient can be placed in any orientation to allow the imaging system to take perfect images at the best angles to clearly show internal structures. This gives surgeons the best visualization to make informed decisions.

In terms of medical imaging, our servo drives meet standards for noise emission with 6dB or more of extra margin across the required spectrum. These exceed IEC 60611-3, CISPR 11 (Class B) radiated noise emissions for standard requirements, even with 7 axes of coordinated motion

For help choosing the proper servo drive for your medical practice, contact us today and we’ll work with you to find the perfect fit for your specific application.