Ethernet POWERLINK is an open, real-time protocol that runs on Ethernet hardware. Created by B&R, this open standard leverages CANopen device profiles for drives, CiA-402. POWERLINK is designed to give users a single, consistent, and integrated means for handling all communication tasks in modern automation. A POWERLINK network integrates all automation components such as PLCs, sensors, I/O modules, motion controllers, safety controls, and HMI systems. With a synchronization time of less than 1 microsecond and cycle times as low as 400 microseconds, POWERLINK’s speed also makes it a very appealing motion control network.

POWERLINK can be used to run AMC’s DigiFlex® Performance™ (DP-Family) digital servo drives from ADVANCED Motion Controls, which can operate in torque, velocity, and position mode and offer full tuning control of all servo loops to achieve the highest performance for your application.

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  • Use of Ethernet hardware results in a low cost system relative to performance
  • Open international standard
  • Detailed diagnostic information and guaranteed bandwidth for troubleshooting
  • Features hot plugging, direct cross-traffic, multiplexing, and other real-time capabilities
  • Connects and fully synchronizes up to 240 nodes in a single network

ADVANCED Motion Controls' Capabilities

  • Master/Slave poll response implementation
  • Cycle times down to 400 us
  • Certain DigiFlex® Performance drive models support POWERLINK networking

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