AMC Selected as a Top 50 Robotics Company

Every year, Robotics Business Review recognizes 50 companies, both designers and component manufacturers, for their significant contributions toward innovation in the robotics industry. ADVANCED Motion Controls® is honored to once again be selected as one of these top 50 companies, also known as the RBR50.

We're incredibly grateful to Robotics Business Review for recognizing us alongside such prestigious companies. You can view the full RBR50 Report here and view our listing here.

From industrial warehouses to the depths of the oceanADVANCED Motion Controls' servo drives have been driving the motors of the world's best robots for decades. We've developed many different servo drives over the year, including our most recent FlexPro™ drive family which earned us this recognition.

Designed for high power, small size, and the best available servo motor control, FlexPro™ drives are designed to operate within a network or operate stand-alone and are capable of controlling brushed, brushless, stepper, and linear motors. We've introduced 15 FlexPro drives since the family's launch and have more on the way.

With the FlexPro drives, as well as powerful vehicle mount drives, tough Extended Environment drives, and endless possibilities for custom drives, we're well-equipped to provide motion control for any robot you can imagine. No matter what motor is in that robot joint, we have a drive that can make it spin.

Our unparalleled customer service and technical support also ensures robotic success. Until your robot's job has started, ours isn't over. If you ever need us, reach us through our Support Portal.

We're deeply committed to continue meeting the ever-evolving needs of the robotics industry. Even at this moment, we have new products being developed and tested. There's no slowing down for us when it comes to robots. Because where there are robots, there is always motion control.


FlexPro PCB Mount Drive

fm060-xx-em_IMG_3843 - reduced

FlexPro Machine-Embedded Drive


FlexPro Extended Environment Drive


FlexPro Development Board

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